WIELS – Brussels, Belgium

For whom: visual artists
For what: 2 working periods of 6 months each

  • 1 January – 30 June 2025
  • 1 July – 31 December 2025


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In Brussels, WIELS offers artists a unique working environment in the dynamic context of the arts centre and the possibility to take part in a durable exchange with the artistic and cultural life of the city of Brussels. WIELS has nine individual studios of about 45m² each, functionally designed. Most of these studios are reserved for international artists for working periods from six to 12 months. One of these is reserved for the Mondriaan Fund. Each year, the Mondriaan Fund selects two artists to work for half a year each in the WIELS studio.

The WIELS residency offers places to work in an environment suited to artists in search of autonomy, professional feedback and/or interaction with the international contemporary art scene that Brussels has to offer. This takes place through participation in artistic activities and theoretical debates, through weekly discussions with mentors and presentations that are open to the public. This programme helps artists to develop their work and their professional practices.

Previous WIELS residents include Jonathan van Doornum, Emma van der Put, Katja Mater, Egle Budvytyte, Wafae Ahalouche el Keriasti, Evi Vingerling, Maartje Fliervoet and Aukje Koks.

For whom

Visual artists may apply for a residency at WIELS. For applications for duos or collaborative partnerships, each person must apply separately. A duo is understood to be two artists who consistently produce work together as a single unit. Collaborating partners producing work together on a more short-term or long-term basis can be considered as duos, as long as they each submit a joint plan leading to a single result. During the residency, duos or collaborative partners live and work in the same space .



Working period

2 working periods of 6 months each are available:

  • 1 January – 30 June 2025
  • 1 July – 31 December 2025

Applicants need to indicate their preferred working period on their application form. All possible effort will be made to honour those preferred dates.

How much

The costs of renting the studio and living space and the support that residents receive from WIELS are paid directly to WIELS by the Mondriaan Fund. The remaining costs of travel, living expenses and materials for each working period is assessed at €12,737. This amount is for one person. Residents are expected to contribute 10%, this contribution is settled by the Mondriaan Fund.

If a duo or a collaborative partnership is selected for the residency, these amounts increase proportionally to cover travel and living costs for the second resident.

The contribution to artists based in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom can be increased to meet any higher travel costs. This is looked at per situation.


The deadline for submitting an application for a residency at WIELS in 2025 is 21 March 2024, before 17:00 PM (CET) / 12:00 PM (AST). For more information please contact Joyce Poot at wblpr.cbbg@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay

A grant for a WIELS residency can only be applied for during the annual Mondriaan Fund selection round, as announced on the Mondriaan Fund website. Read the explanations of the terms and conditions, assessment and application procedure before submitting your application. Also read the general terms and conditions that apply to all Mondriaan Fund grants.

General terms and conditions


The selection is made with the help of a Mondriaan Fund advisory committee. Based on the documentation received, this committee proposes candidates to WIELS. WIELS will ultimately select the final candidates for their residencies.

Other grants for residencies in the Netherlands and other countries
Because only 1 or 2 residents can be selected for any given residency during each selection round, many applicants will be disappointed. For this reason, we point out that you can also apply for an Artist Project with a residency at a different location. That Artist Project residency location may not be one of those already offered in the Mondriaan Fund Residency application round.

Questions & contact

Do you have any questions about this grant? Please contact one of our employees directly.

Or call 020 523 15 23 or send an email to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

Joyce Poot