Adjustment application forms as of 1 February

As of February 1, the online explanation and the application form of the following grants will be adjusted. The current forms of these grants will expire on 1 February.


Do you have an application in preparation?
For applicants who have started an application in our online system for one of the grants mentioned above, the following applies:

  • Submit your application before January 31, 5:00 PM (CET) / 12:00 AM (AST). Completed forms that are not submitted will be deleted after 5:00 PM (CET) / 12:00 AM (AST).
  • If you are unable to submit before that date, save a PDF of the application form you are working on so you won’t lose your completed data.
  • You can apply for these grants again from 1 February using the new form.

Applicants who applied before February 1 don’t have to do anything.

Please contact us if you have any questions. The contact details can be found at the bottom of the explanation of the grant on our website.

Vragen & contact

Questions about this adjustment? Please contact an employee of the Mondriaan Fund directly.

Or call 020 523 15 23 of send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

Carmen Muskee

Philip Romer

Talitha van Ooyen