Grants announced for second round of Slavery Memorial Year

Lesa e mensahe akí na Papiamentu (pdf) òf Papiamento (pdf).
Lesa e mensahe aki den Papiamentu (pdf) of Papiamento (pdf).

The grants for the second round of the Open Call Slavery Memorial Year have been decided. Following careful deliberation, 52 initiatives will be receiving a grant. Each initiative addresses the Dutch slavery past in unique ways. The activities will take place in or near the Dutch Slavery Memorial Year, which runs from 1 July 2023 to 1 July 2024.

On 24 April 2023, the second round of the Mondriaan Fund’s Open Call Slavery Memorial Year came to a close. In this round, over 160 applications were submitted to an independent committee. The independent advisory committee subsequently assessed the applications according to the set criteria. The diversity of projects, regional distribution and a balanced allocation between the different types of projects determined the final decision by the committee. The committee came to the decision to award funding to projects from the following applicants:

Antoine Deul, Brandy Sanmoeradi, Chandra Frank (duo with Lynnée Bonner), Darkmatter Collective, Eternity Percussion, Floor Tinga (duo with Milouska Meulens), Friedrich van der Hans, Georges Senga, Het Volksoperahuis, Holland Baroque, Ida Does, Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Joss Umuganwa, Kitchell Samuel, Lynnée Bonner (duo with Chandra Frank), Mart Radio, Maurice Lede, Milouska Meulens (duo met Floor Tinga), Moria, Museum Sophiahof, Nationaal Archeologisch-Antropologisch Memoriebeheer, Peggy Gemerts, Podium Mozaiek, Rachel Rumai, Raynel Cecilia, Razia Barsatie (duo with Sarojini Lewis), Rebecca Baatjes, Romana Vrede, Rose stories, Rovendley Welvaart, Sabrina Sugiarto, Sarojini Lewis (duo with Razia Barsatie), Sigviana Francisca, Sithabile Mlotshwa, Skor Kòrsou, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, Stichting Bibliotheek Utrecht, Stichting Blue Passaat, Stichting Eduza, Stichting LM Publishers, Stichting Ocean Film Productions, Stichting Parea, Stichting Schouwburg Aruba, Stichting Tong Tong, Stichting voor Surinaamse Genealogie, Stichting Wooko Makandie, Suriname Museum, Tim Ramautar, Untold, Vernon Chatlein, What You See Festival, Yuki Gómez Asami.

The works of these parties range from films to exhibitions, books, art installations and podcasts. Their works cover a wide range of topics and target groups.

For example, Sarojini Lewis & Razia Barsatie are collaborating on a new installation about personal engagements with the Hindu Surname culture. Eternity Percussion’s theatre performance ‘Kwasi & Yaw’ will be focusing on African percussion, culture and traditions that have been uniquely shaped by the slavery past in both Suriname and the Netherlands. Antoine Duel is examining the historical context regarding financial compensation and other forms of reparations for his book ‘Reparations een zoektocht naar rechtvaardigheid en verzoening’ (Reparations: A Search for Justice and Reconciliation). And the publication ‘LAB_Volume One’ by Friedrich van der Hans is about the Aruban carnival for archiving and documentation purposes of Aruba’s cultural heritage and the Afro-Caribbean influence in this heritage.

About the Open Call for the Dutch Slavery Memorial Year
As part of the Dutch Slavery Memorial Year, the Government of the Netherlands is making a budget available for activities and initiatives that contribute to commemorating and celebrating the abolition of slavery in the Kingdom and/or that permanently increase the level of knowledge and raise awareness of the Dutch slavery past and its repercussions that continue to affect the present. The Mondriaan Fund received a total of 3 million euros to support activities during the Memorial Year that involve institutions as well as individuals and small local initiatives based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (The Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius). This total amount was divided over two rounds of applications. A total of 106 projects were awarded a grant. A complete overview of the grants from the first round of this open call can be found here.

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