Second round for Open Call Slavery Memorial Year: 52 grants

Second round for Open Call Slavery Memorial Year: 52 grants

Grant: Open Call Slavery Memorial Year Year granted: 2023 Granted: € 1.500.000

Lesa e mensahe akí na Papiamentu (pdf) òf Papiamento (pdf).
Lesa e mensahe aki den Papiamentu (pdf) of Papiamento (pdf).

On 24 April 2023, the second round of the Mondriaan Fund’s Open Call Slavery Memorial Year came to a close. An independent advisory committee subsequently assessed the applications according to the set criteria. The diversity of projects, regional distribution and a balanced allocation between the different types of projects determined the final decision by the committee.

The advisory committee consisted of: Sandjai Bhulai, technical chairperson (Professor of Business Analytics at VU University Amsterdam), Mary Tupan-Wenno, technical chairperson (Director of ECHO Expertise Centre Diversity Policy), Lisette van den Berg (anthropologist and heritage expert), Isa van Bossé (creative consultant), Stephanie van Heijningen (independent social, cultural and behavioural researcher and heritage expert), Judith Leysner (visual artist, curator), Arnold Lubbers (Senior Policy Officer at NWO SGW), Rashid Novaire (writer), Kevin Osepa (visual artist), Lema Salah (historian, PhD researcher and diversity and inclusion expert), Sigmar Vriesde (Concept and Policy Developer at Monsigneur L’Afrique and Managing Director/Co-owner UDU Media), Quinsy Gario (visual artist), Marlon Reina (Director Teatro Bulabanda (until 10 August)), Daniella Britt (heritage expert), and Sam Uittenbogaart (Business Director at the House of Knowledge).

A total of 52 applicants were awarded a grant. Read more about their projects below.

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