New: Voucher Co-creation

Do you work in a museum or another heritage institution which functions for the public and for presentations? Do you want to stimulate public involvement in historical stories that belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands through co-creation? Perhaps the Voucher Co-creation offers a solution.

The voucher is intended for a co-creation trajectory in developing a presentation or activity on one or more historical stories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These are stories that belong to the national history of the Netherlands or the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The presentations or activities are created through equal collaboration with involved communities, whereby everyone has an equal influence on the content, the results and the process. This shared ownership creates more support for and more knowledge about the historical stories among the public. The voucher can only be used to cover the costs of the co-creation process, such as organising meetings, compensating the parties and communities involved and hiring a project leader, expert or confidential counsellor. You can apply for a maximum of €24,000 per project.

You can apply at any time of the year until the grant’s budget has been exhausted. You can request an account on the website if you don’t have one yet.

A simplified procedure is used for both vouchers. Read the conditions and assessment criteria via the buttons below.