Make Eindhoven

For: visual artists
What: 2 work periods of 3 months
When: 1 March to 31 May 2023 and 1 September to 30 November 2023

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Make Eindhoven is home to workshops that help artists to discover the world of metal casting, glass processing techniques and graphic techniques. The workshops are designed to accommodate independent working wherever possible. Familiarity with the techniques is not required. Experienced advisors are on hand with instructions regarding safety, techniques and tools. They share their knowledge and offer support as required.

Make Eindhoven’s area of expertise includes the production of different types of moulds, which can be used to shape metals (mainly bronze and aluminium). We also offer the warm glass techniques of slumping, casting and fusing (not glass blowing). In the graphic workshop, artists can experiment with  various relief, planographic, etching and screen-printing techniques. Thanks to the large silk-screen tables, presses and flatbed oven, it is also possible to produce large works.

This residency is an exciting opportunity for artists looking to move in a new direction. It offers scope to research and experiment with the range of possibilities inherent with the techniques and materials. Make Eindhoven offers artists the remarkable opportunity to make crossovers between different techniques and materials, and between 2D and 3D, all under one roof. The location therefore caters to the current generation of makers, who no longer think in terms of a single material, technique or medium, but rather prefer to use every available tool and create their artworks based on an wide range of resources and media. Make Eindhoven’s primary focus is not on developing new materials, but on researching new applications of existing materials.

The artist will stay in a Van Abbemuseum studio or an alternative location provided by Make Eindhoven.

For whom?

The preference is given to artists with a reasonable degree of professional experience who are looking for new challenges in order to grow further in the field. Artists participating in this research track require a strong fundamental basis so that they are not overwhelmed by the array of possibilities that they will encounter. We also welcome artists with little or no experience with the material and who are keen to experiment, unhindered by technical expertise.

Work period

2 three-month work periods are available:

  • 1 March to 31 May 2023
  • 1 September to 30 November 2023

Applicants are asked to state their preference for a work period on the application form, and every effort will be made to honour this preference. There is space for one artist per period. This work period is conditional and subject to change, e.g. in light of developments linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The contribution

The Mondriaan Fund makes a monthly contribution of € 2,000 available to help cover travel expenses, material costs and accommodation costs. This sum is intended for 1 person. In addition, the selected resident is expected to pay a 10% personal contribution (the Mondriaan Fund automatically takes this into account in their ultimate contribution, you do not need to do anything).

In the case that a duo or collaboration is selected for the residency, the associated contribution will be raised to cover additional travel expenses, as well as a proportionate sum to contribute to the other applicant’s accommodation costs. Expenses associated with renting the studio/living space, supervision and presentation are not included in the contribution and will be covered by the Mondriaan Fund.


The deadline for submitting an application for a work period in 2023 is 3 October 2022, before 17:00 CET.

Before submitting an application, please read the general explanation of the Residency grant for the terms and conditions, application procedure and assessment procedure. Please also read the terms and conditions applicable to all Mondriaan Fund contributions.

Terms and conditions


An advisory committee assists in the selection process, recommending candidates to Make Eindhoven based on the submitted documents. Make Eindhoven are ultimately responsible for selecting the participants.

Questions & contact

If you have a question, please reach out to the contact person of this residency.

Or call to 020 523 15 23 or send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay

Lara Riga