Pompgemaal Den Helder

deadline: 01.11.2021

Pompgemaal Den Helder. Fotograaf: Sanne Kabalt Pompgemaal Den Helder. Fotograaf: Sanne Kabalt

For who: visual artists and mediators
What: short of longer working periods
When: March 1st to December 31st 2022

Together with the municipality of Den Helder, the Mondriaan Fund has refurbished a characteristic early 20th century water pump station, a provincial monument located in a nature reserve in the dunes, and has made it suitable as a working and living space for artists.

In addition to the existing network of foreign studios, the Mondriaan Fund also wants to create working opportunities in special places in the Netherlands. In order to make the Pompgemaal into a place of significance, the aim is to achieve a continuous programme. This includes shorter or longer working periods, temporary presentations, public workshops or study periods. Periodic opening of the building and the presentation of the works made there must always be part of the use of the guest studio.

The guest studio is located on the edge of a vast and protected dune area, about 15 minutes from both the centre and the beach of Den Helder. The living/working space is approximately 220 m2 and 5 meters high. The apartment contains most essential amenities and furniture and consists of a large living area with a double bedroom. Depending on the plan and use of the workspace, several people can also use the studio, always in consultation with the fund. The fixed costs of the studio and the accommodation are paid for directly by the Mondriaan Fund.

  • For Whom

    Both visual artists and mediators can apply for a working period in Pompgemaal Den Helder. When applying as a duo or in partnership, each must submit an application separately.

  • Working Periods

    On the basis of the registrations, a programme is compiled for the Pompgemaal for the calendar year. Applications can be made for short or longer working periods within the period from March 1st to December 31st 2022.

    This working period is subject to change and depends on how the coronavirus develops.

  • Application

    The deadline for submitting an application for a working period is November 1, 2021, before 5:00 PM.

    Before submitting an application, read the explanation Residency for the terms and conditions, assessment and application procedure. On that page you will also get to the application form. Also read the general terms that apply to contributions from the Mondriaan Fund.

  • How Much

    The Mondriaan Fund provides a grant of €2,000 per month for travel, material and accommodation costs. This amount is intended for one person. In addition, a personal contribution of at least 10%, or €200 per month, is expected from the chosen resident. The applicant must indicate how the personal contribution is financed. This can be your own investment, but also a contribution from third parties, an interest-free loan from the Kwadraat Fund or a contribution through crowdfunding.

    If a duo or partnership is selected for a guest studio, the amount for the guest studio will be increased by an amount for additional travel costs and a proportional amount for the accommodation costs for the other applicant. The rent of the studio/accommodation, supervision and presentation are not included in the subsidy amount and are paid for by the Mondriaan Fund.

latest update: 12.10.2021