Deveron Projects – Schotland

For whom: visual artist
What: 1 work period of 3 months
When: May 1 2025 – July 31, 2025

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Deveron Projects is an international socially-engaged arts organisation, embedded in Huntly, Scotland, for 30 years. Our residencies and projects build deep and meaningful collaboration between artists, communities and places through the process of making art. This work aims to create relationships between people and across differences, connect our town and the people who live here with global justice movements, and realize ambitious and sector-leading interdisciplinary artworks.

In partnership with Mondriaan Fond, Deveron Projects’ Publics Residency offers the selected artist a funded 3-month residency in Huntly. Living and working in rural north-east Scotland, the artist will become a part of the communities that make up Deveron Projects and the wider ecologies of the town. They will be supported to collaborate, experiment and expand their practice through an intensive period of mutual learning, making and conversation with others. Through this process, the artist will be supported to develop new work to share/present at the end of the residency period.

For whom

Visual artists working in any medium are welcome. Experience of socially-engaged practice is not essential, rather a desire to collaborate, experiment and learn with others as part of your creative process.

In their application, artists should indicate a (draft)plan for their residency connected to the location and context of Deveron Projects and to your existing practice. This could include, climate crisis, community building, ecologies, migration, food, politics, rurality, colonial histories/presents, overlooked narratives and lived experiences, social justice. This plan can change once the artist starts engaging with the residency.

Working period

Deveron Projects is offering an artist a residency of 3 months, taking place between 1 May 2025 – 31 July 2025. The host organisation has flexibility within their programme. If these dates are not possible, you can discuss other dates with the organisation.

How much?

The cost of accommodation and workspace, networking and presentation/public engagement is covered for the artist, paid directly to Deveron Projects by the Mondriaan Fund. The award given to the artist is € 8.563.-. This amount is for one person and assumes travel, living expenses and materials (paid by the artist).

The artist will have sole use of Deveron Projects’ custom, accessible, ‘Artists’ House’. There is one double-bedroom and a double ‘bothy’/ cabinbed. There is a large, open plan and flexible studio space, self-catering kitchen and wetroom.

Artists are welcome to stay with their partner/friend/family at no extra charge. For more information on the capacity and accessibility of the accommodation, please get in touch with Deveron Projects (vasb@qrireba-cebwrpgf.pbz). The Artist’s House accessibility guide can be found here.

This residency has an small access budget, which can be used if required to support your comfortable participation in the residency. Some examples of how this may be used include, but aren’t limited to: slower travel, childcare, mobility aids, communication aids, travel buddy.


The deadline to submit an application for a residency at Deveron Projects in 2024 is 21 March, before 16:00 PM (CEST) / 10:00 PM (AST). For more information, please contact Mirthe Wacki at zvegur.jnpxv@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay

A grant for this residency can only be applied for during the annual Mondriaan Fund selection round, as announced on the Mondriaan Fund website. Read the explanations of the terms and conditions, assessment and application procedure before submitting your application. Also read the general terms and conditions that apply to all Mondriaan Fund grants.

General terms and conditions


The selection for this award is made with the help of a Mondriaan Fund advisory committee which will include a representative from Deveron Projects. Applications must therefore be submitted in English.

Other grants for residencies in the Netherlands and other countries

As only 1 or 2 residents can be selected for any given residency during each selection round, many applicants will be disappointed. For this reason, we point out that you can also apply for an Artist Project with a residency at a different location. That Artist Project residency location may not be one of those already offered in the Mondriaan Fund Residency application round.

Vragen & contact

Vragen over deze regeling? Neem direct contact op met een medewerker van het Mondriaan Fonds.

Of bel 020 523 15 23 of mail naar vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

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