Pompgemaal, Den Helder

For: visual artists, curators and art critics
What: work periods of various lengths
When: Between 1 February and 31 December 2023

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The Mondriaan Fund has collaborated with the Municipality of Den Helder to restore a charming early-20th-century pumphouse. This provincial monument, located in a nature reserve in the dunes, now serves as a living and working space for artists.

The Mondriaan Fund is keen to complement its existing network of international studios with places for artists to work at inspiring locations in the Netherlands. In order to help raise the profile of the Pumphouse, the aim is to ensure that the location is always in use. The Pumphouse could potentially be available for shorter or longer work periods and for study periods, as well as for hosting temporary presentations and public workshops. Integral aspects of this residency are that the public is periodically granted access to the building, and that the work made at the location is exhibited.

The residency is located at the edge of a vast area of protected dunes, about 15 minutes from both the centre of Den Helder and the beach. The living/working space is approx. 220 m2, and 5 metres high. The apartment has basic facilities and household effects, and consists of a large living area and a double bedroom. Dependent on the plan and how the working space is used, the studio can accommodate multiple residents (always in consultation with the Mondriaan Fund). The fixed costs of the studio are settled by the Mondriaan Fund.

For whom?

A residency at the Pompgemaal in Den Helder is open to visual artists, curators and art critics. Applicants applying as part of a duo or collaboration are required to submit individual applications.

Work period

A programme for the calendar year at the Pumphouse is determined based on the submitted applications. Applicants can apply for shorter or longer work periods between 1 February and 31 December 2023.
This work period is conditional and subject to change, e.g. in light of developments linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The contribution

The Mondriaan Fund makes a monthly contribution of € 2,000 available to help cover travel expenses, material costs and accommodation costs. This sum is intended for 1 person. In addition, the selected resident is expected to pay a 10% personal contribution (the Mondriaan Fund automatically takes this into account in their ultimate contribution, you do not need to do anything).

In the case that a duo or collaboration is selected for the residency, the associated contribution will be raised to cover additional travel expenses, as well as a proportionate sum to contribute to the other applicant’s accommodation costs. Expenses associated with renting the studio/living space, supervision and presentation are not included in the contribution and will be covered by the Mondriaan Fund.


The deadline for submitting an application for a work period in 2023 is 3 October 2022, before 17:00 CET.

Before submitting an application, please read the explanation of the general Residency grant for the terms and conditions, application procedure and assessment procedure. Please also read the terms and conditions applicable to all Mondriaan Fund contributions.

Terms and conditions

Questions & contact

If you have a question, please reach out to the contact person of this residency.

Or call to 020 523 15 23 or send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay

Fenna Lampe