Voucher Development

Are you a visual artist and do you want to develop and/or deepen your practice? You may be eligible for the Voucher Development.

For whom

Visual artists from the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

For what

For the development and/or broadening of your professional practice. Consider e.g. purchasing equipment or participating in a course, workshop or mentorship programme. Or engaging the knowledge or expertise of third parties, whether it be of a substantive or technical nature, or a combination of the two.

How much

A maximum amount of €2.500.

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How and when to apply

Applications may be submitted at any time of the year, provided sufficient budget remains. You will require an account in order to submit an application. New accounts can be requested on the website. Applications will be accepted a maximum of 4 months and a minimum of 5 weeks before the commencement date of the plan. We aim to process all applications within 5 weeks, although the procedure can sometimes take longer. In no cases will a contribution be granted in retroaction.

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Schooling and professional practice

  • You have been working as a professional artist for at least one year and are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce; or you have completed at least three years of a Higher Professional Education (HBO) art course and have worked as a professional artist for at least one year. Or you have worked as a professional artist for three years or longer.
  • You may not apply for the Development Voucher while studying at an educational institution (e.g. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes). The same applies for postgraduate and postdoctoral programmes.
  • You are artistically active in the visual arts and in that capacity embedded in the professional visual arts practice in the Netherlands and/or the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

Project plan

  • The Development Voucher can only be used for a plan to develop and/or broaden your professional practice, which should be supported by your motivation and a quotation, registration or a document indicating commitment from the person, institution, course or workshop in question. In the case that you plan to purchase equipment, you must substantiate how this will contribute to the development or broadening or your professional practice. This contribution cannot be used to purchase a smartphone.
  • Applications for the Development Voucher made during the term of any other financial support from the Mondriaan Fund will not be accepted in the case that the board is of the opinion that the contribution covers the same expenses.
  • The Development Voucher contribution will be granted a maximum of once in a twelve-month period.


The submitted application and appendices will be checked for completeness. A simplified procedure is used for the Development Voucher.

Assessment by the Mondriaan Fund

In the case that you received a positive advisory for an application for the Artist Start (formerly ‘Young Talent Work Contribution’), Artist Basic (formerly ‘Proven Talent Work Contribution’), Artist Project (formerly ‘Project Investment Artist/Intermediary’) and/or Publications Contribution schemes in the four years preceding your application for the Development Voucher, and you have not subsequently received a negative advisory, Mondriaan Fund staff will assess whether your application for the Development Voucher satisfies the conditions. If so, the application will be granted.

Assessment by the advisory committee

In the case that this is your first application to the Mondriaan Fund, or if you received a negative advisory for your last application, your CV will be presented to the Development Voucher advisory committee.

This advisory committee assesses the level of recognition and its importance for Dutch visual art: based on solo or group exhibitions, sales, publications, commissions, subsidies and – if applicable – awards. A Development Voucher can only be granted with a positive advisory from the committee.

Due to budgetary restrictions, we are unfortunately not always able to award grants to all applications that receive positive advisories from the committee. In this case, the Mondriaan Fund will prioritise the applications with positive advisories according to when they were received. This means that an application may receive a positive advisory, but that a grant is nevertheless not awarded, or a lower grant is awarded.

What happens to my application?


In order to process your application, the Mondriaan Fund requires various information: details that you can enter in the application form and documents that you can upload. Below is a checklist outlining all of the required information, following the layout of the application form.

Tip: gather all of the required information before you start completing the online application form. Appendices can be uploaded as PDFs. Please ensure that your documents satisfy the stated requirements, otherwise we may not be able to process your application. Ensure you do not exceed the maximum number of pages, where stated.

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Questions & contact

If something is not completely clear, you can contact us. Here you will find the contact person for this grant.

Of bel 020 523 15 23 or send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay

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