Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2013

In 2015, artists Christian Friedrich, Falke Pisano, Ola Vasiljeva and Remco Torenbosch were selected for the shortlist. They created new work especially for the prize, which was on display at De Appel in Amsterdam. Visual artist Falke Pisano won the Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2013 for the work Prison Work.

Winner Falke Pisano

For the Prix de Rome 2013, Pisano developed a new work that is part of the long-running series The Body in Crisis (2011—), in which she zooms in on moments in history when people started to think differently about the human body. She argues that at those turning points, the body has entered a state of crisis due to political, social, and economic changes.

Christian Friedrich, A Translation of Unwritten Writings I, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, 2013. Foto: Daniel Nicolas

Christian Friedrich

Within ten years, Friedrich’s work changed from textual to sculptural and back again: from work with words on paper to sculpture groups with casts of battered bodies, to films in which the same bodies figure, to result now, in the context of the Prix de Rome 2013. in a narration — half prose, half poetry — recited in a computer-controlled mise-en-scene.

Remco Torenbosch, European Contextualising in Analytical Sociology and Ethnographical Representation on History and the Present, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, 2013. Foto: Daniel Nicolas

Remco Torenbosch

In his work, Remco Torenbosch investigates socio-economic changes in (recent) world history. For the Prix de Rome 2013, Torenbosch researched the blue background color of the flag of the European Union and its original production and history.

Ola Vasiljeva, The Limp of A Letter, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, 2013. Foto: Daniel Nicolas

Ola Vasiljeva

The Limp of A Letter explores the misty relationship between thought and language, the design and making of an object. It is a “paranormal” encounter that leads not so much to a synthesis, but rather to a clash of these elements. The installation is ‘inhabited’ by different characters who constantly change in role and form, sometimes they are physically present, then again intangible.

The jury

The jury of the Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2013 consisted of: Kathleen Bühler (curator Kunstmuseum Bern from Germany), Ann Goldstein (director Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from the United States),  Nicoline van Harskamp (visual artist and winner Prix de Rome 2009), Navid Nuur (visual artist), Domeniek Ruyters (editor in chief Metropolis M) and chair Birgit Donker (director Mondriaan Fund).