KunstKoop for galleries

If you are a gallery that wants to give art buyers the chance to purchase works of art by paying in instalments with no interest, you may qualify for the KunstKoop.

For whom

Galleries based in the Netherlands.

For what

To offer your customers the opportunity to purchase works of art through an interest-free instalment plan.


Check this list carefully before you start your application.

Who preceded you?

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Start your application

Do you meet the conditions and did you go through the checklist?

For whom?

All art galleries in the Netherlands may apply.

The Mondriaan Fund offers the KunstKoop grant to strengthen the private market and boost sales of high-quality contemporary visual art.

For what?

To offer your customers the opportunity to purchase works of art through an interest-free instalment plan.

How much?

A separate budget has been reserved to cover interest on deferred-payment sales by galleries accepted for the KunstKoop. For each participating gallery, this is the maximum amount that the Mondriaan Fund reserves for the payment of the interest charged by Santander Consumer Finance for KunstKoop loans taken out on behalf of the gallery in question.

When and how to apply

Applications are submitted  through the Mondriaan Fund online application system. The next application round in in 2023.

To apply, the gallery first needs to open an account with the Mondriaan Fund through the fund website. When applying, always keep in mind that three months are required to process your completed application. No funds are made available retroactively.

This description is based on the Mondriaan Fund KunstKoopregeling (in Dutch).

Application assessment

The application form and attached documents are first checked by Mondrian Fund staff to ensure the application is complete. It is then submitted to the committee that advises on whether a gallery qualifies for the KunstKoop arrangement. They assess whether the gallery meets the conditions concerning professionalism and quality standards.

Acceptance in the KunstKoop can only take place when the committee advises to that effect.

Due to budgetary restrictions, we are unfortunately not always able to award grants to all applications that receive positive advisories from the committee. In this case, the Mondriaan Fund Board asks the advisory committee to prioritise the positive advisories. This means that an application may receive a positive advisory, but a grant is nevertheless not awarded.

What happens with my application?

Terms and conditions for KunstKoop participation

  • An application can only be submitted by a physical and/or online art gallery with an address in the Netherlands, which has functioned as such and been registered as such with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (the Kamer van Koophandel) for at least a year.
  • We here understand an art gallery to be a professionally and economically independent organization with a physical and/or online space that is open to the public, where regular, changing exhibitions are held. The gallery’s primary objective is the organization of exhibitions of works for sale and the sale of works of art by contemporary visual artists or designers that have not been previously presented by others. The gallery should present at least six changing exhibitions each year. Art lending libraries (Kunstuitleen), semi-governmental institutes and other subsidized organizations may not apply.
  • The gallery should be open to the public, on average, at least 15 hours per week.
  • Galleries that have been in existence for more than three years need to have demonstrably achieved a total trade turnover of at least €35,000 (including VAT) from the sale of art, or mediation therein, during the year preceding their application. Galleries that have been in existence for less than three years need to show a total sales turnover of at least €20,000 (including VAT) for the preceding year.


In order to process your application, the Mondriaan Fund needs information, both information you fill in on the application form and attached documents you upload in PDF format. Here below is a checklist that follows the same order as the application form.

Tip: collect all the information you require before you begin filling out the application form. All attachments should be uploaded in PDF format. Where a maximum number of pages is given, do not exceed that number. Pages in excess of the maximum will not be included with the application.

Questions & contact

If you have a question please reach out to the contact person of this grant.

Or call to 020 523 15 23 or send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay

Carmen Muskee