Mobile Heritage Restoration

The Mobile Heritage Restoration grant is intended for the restoration and repair of mobile heritage, with a focus on its preservation.

For whom

Mobile heritage organisations.

For what

Mobile heritage organisations.

How much

The amount of the grant is determined per application.

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For whom

The grant is intended for organisations in the field of mobile heritage and can be applied for jointly with another institution.

The Mondriaan Fund offers the Mobile Heritage Restoration grant to boost the quality of mobile heritage, to increase support for it, and to keep it operational in a sustainable fashion. This concerns mobile heritage that has a clear position in the storyline of the Toonbeelden (Showcases) and that is listed in the National Register of Mobile Heritage.

For what

The Mobile Heritage Restoration Grant is intended for the restoration and repair of mobile heritage, with a focus on its preservation. It involves all sectors of mobile heritage: rail, roads, water and air.

The grant can be used for restoration and repair of mobile heritage that is listed in the National Register of Mobile Heritage, and that takes up a clear position in the storyline of the Toonbeelden (Showcases), which expresses a special national or regional interest.

The aim is to reinforce the quality of extraordinary mobile heritage, and to keep it operational in a sustainable way, taking into account aspects of environment, energy and climate.

Through the Art Heritage Presentation grant, a contribution can be requested to increase the visibility of mobile heritage.

How much

The amount of the grant is determined per application. The maximum contribution by the Mondriaan Fund is 50% of the project costs.


In order to submit an  application you must first apply for an account.  Applicants must take into account a processing period of 3 months from the moment the application is fully submitted. Grants by the Mondriaan Fund cannot be awarded retroactively. That is why the application must be submitted well in advance of the desired commencement date. However, due to the many applications to the fund, the processing time can take longer than expected.

This explanation is based on the Deelregeling Restauratie Mobiel Erfgoed (in Dutch).

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  • Applications may be submitted by Dutch non-profit foundations or museums, focused on the preservation, maintenance and exhibition of mobile heritage. Museums whose collection is funded through the Erfgoedwet (Dutch Heritage Act) are not eligible for this grant.
  • Applications may also be submitted by an organisation representing several mobile heritage institutes.
  • The object is or has been used in the Netherlands, and/or produced in the Netherlands. If the application involves a car, the car must be over 30 years old; if it involves a plane, the design has to be over 50 years old, and the plane itself older than 40. If the application concerns a train, the train needs to be out of service; maritime heritage must be older than 50 years, from the moment of launch. The maximum grant of the Mondriaan Fund amounts to 50% of the project costs.
  • If, within a period of five years after completion of the restoration, the object is transferred, the awarded grant may be (partially) re-claimed.
  • Applications cannot be submitted for the funding of restoration-related costs, such as storage, presentation or exploitation.
  • If the applicant has acquired funds of their own through crowdfunding, for example via, this counts as an advantage in the assessment process.
  • For projects that are aimed at physical and virtual visibility, the increase of support, or education, and that contribute to professionalization and reinforcement of the mobile heritage sector as a whole, institutes may also apply for a Mobile Heritage grant. The same goes for development contributions to sustainability issues. It is also possible, as an organization, to apply for funding with both programmes for mobile heritage. With the Mobile Heritage grant, the maximum contribution of the Mondriaan Fund is 50% of the total project costs; for a feasibility study, this amounts to 50%.
General terms and conditions


All applications that comply with the formal conditions and that have been submitted with the requested attachments will be presented to an advisory committee that issues advice on the allocation of Mobile Heritage Restoration grants.

When the grant involves a partnership between 2 or more parties, this has a positive influence on the assessment. The assessment also considers whether the partnership has added value for this plan. For mobile heritage, it is of great importance that the knowledge of experienced restorers is transferred to younger people. Cooperation with educational parties and the offer of apprenticeships is an advantage.

In addition, it is an advantage if environmental, energy and climate aspects have been taken into account in the choices regarding restoration techniques and materials and if sufficient attention has been paid to these aspects.

Final assessment

A Mobile Heritage Restoration grant can only be awarded if the committee of the Mondriaan Fund issues a positive recommendation concerning the above criteria taken together.
Such a positive recommendation may come with a recommendation on the total amount to be awarded within this grant, and the period for which it should be awarded.

Due to budgetary restrictions, we are unfortunately not always able to award grants to all applications that receive positive advisories from the committee. In this case, the Mondriaan Fund Board asks the advisory committee to prioritise the positive advisories. This means that an application may receive a positive advisory, but a grant is nevertheless not awarded.

What happens with my application?


To process your application, The Mondriaan Fund needs information. All of this information can be submitted in the application form itself, along with documentation that you can upload. Below is a checklist that follows the layout of the application form and contains all the information required.

Tip: collect all your information before you start filling out the online application form. Your attachments should be uploaded as PDFs. Please note: make sure that your documents meet the stated conditions. Otherwise, we will unfortunately not be able to process your request. Do not exceed the number of pages where a maximum is indicated.

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