KunstKoop for art buyers

Are you an avid art viewer, but do you think that buying art is only for the happy few with a fat bank account? Then we have good news for you! With the KunstKoop you do not have to pay for a work of art in one go, but you do make yourself an art collector in one fell swoop. Whether it is a photo, a painting or an object, with the KunstKoop you can upgrade your interior and lifestyle.

From photo to illustration, from design to painting – a total of 120 galleries across the Netherlands participate, so plenty of places to buy art. You can of course also do online research at home first to see what suits you.

Merel Coebergh (owner Consultancy Studio Coebergh, 34) knows all about it:

“This canvas by Jacqueline de Jong, which I could have never bought without KunstKoop, encourages me to go to all the way when making my dreams come true. And, like my friends warned me about: buying art is contagious; you just want more.”

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How does it work?

Our Kunstkoop partner Santander Consumer Finance Benelux has developed an online system with which the KunstKoop is now fully digital and therefore faster and easier than ever. The KunstKoop is a loan, but without interest. The Mondriaan Fund pays this for you, because we think it is important to make it possible for more people to buy art. You pay for a work in monthly instalments, but in the meantime it is already at your home. Because it is a loan, there are conditions attached to the KunstKoop. For example, you must be at least 18 but younger than 75 and there is a minimum and a maximum amount that you can borrow.

More info

Check out the KunstKoop website for the conditions and ourhandy calculation tool with which you can see how much a certain work will cost you per month. The website also shows which galleries are affiliated with the Kunstkoop – spread throughout the Netherlands. You can also inquire at the participating galleries or contact Carmen Muskee of the Mondriaan Fund.

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Questions & contact

Questions about the KunstKoop? Get in touch!

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