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100% art, 0% interest

If you are keen to purchase art or design, you may be eligible for the KunstKoop!

Please note: The Mondriaan Fund has received notice from Santander Consumer Finance that they will end the collaboration with regard to the KunstKoop as of January 1, 2024. Until January 1, 2024, private individuals can apply for a KunstKoop loan from Santander. Existing loans continue to run. The Mondriaan Fund will be looking for a good alternative in the near future to continue to stimulate the sale of art in the Netherlands.

KunstKoop allows you to pay for contemporary art and design in monthly interest-free instalments. The KunstKoop is currently available at more than 120 galleries throughout the Netherlands. From photography to illustrations, from jewellery to design, and from sculpture to paintings: you get to enjoy the work straight away, and pay in convenient monthly instalments.

Your monthly repayments are tailored to your situation, and can be as little as € 20 a month. And what’s more: the Mondriaan Fund pays the interest for you.

The benefits of KunstKoop:

  • Your new acquisition at home straight away;
  • Convenient monthly payments;
  • The gallery and artist receive their money immediately;
  • No interest payments, these are covered by the Mondriaan Fund.

The Mondriaan Fund offers the KunstKoop in collaboration with Santander Consumer Finance. Please be aware that KunstKoop is an interest-free loan to which terms & conditions apply (these are outlined below).

Participating galleries

More than 120 galleries in the Netherlands currently participate in the KunstKoop . Don’t hesitate to visit or call a gallery to make an appointment. The gallery can also provide you with more information about KunstKoop. View the participating galleries below.

Participating Galleries

'De KunstKoop maakt het makkelijker om je eerste grote werk te kopen.'

Kunstkoper Roline

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You can calculate the amount of monthly payments using the calculation tool. This way you can see at a glance what the KunstKoop can do for you when purchasing a work of art.

Kunstkoop loan

Kunstkoop loan minimum amount is € 250 , maximum amount is € 7500


Choose the term here

Amount per month


'Dat sommige kunstwerken wat prijziger zijn hoeft niet te betekenen dat het meteen onbereikbaar is.'

Kunstkoper Ruben

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How does KunstKoop work?

Step 1: You decide to purchase an artwork from a gallery that participates in the KunstKoop, and indicate that you would like to apply for a KunstKoop loan.

Step 2: The gallery completes a few details regarding the purchase on your behalf, to start the KunstKoop loan application procedure with Santander. You will subsequently receive an email from Santander inviting you to complete the application. You can then enter the required information and upload the required documents at your leisure.*

Step 3: If your application is approved, Santander pays the requested sum to the gallery, and the gallery pays the artist their share. You then repay the loan in monthly instalments. The Mondriaan Fund pays Santander the interest on your loan, so you have no additional costs.

*KunstKoop is a loan, so you will be required to submit documents that will be used to confirm your identity and assess your income and expenditure. A checklist with all of the documents that Santander requires when you apply for a KunstKoop loan is available here (in Dutch).

Applications for a KunstKoop loan also need to be validated using the iDIN online identification tool. iDIN is offered by ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, SNS, ASN Bank, RegioBank and bunq. Individuals registered to use online banking at these banks have immediate access to iDIN. As of 1 June 2021, Triodos Bank no longer offers the iDIN identification tool.

Terms & conditions

KunstKoop is a Mondriaan Fund scheme that is supported by Santander Consumer Finance in order to stimulate the sale of art in the Netherlands. KunstKoop is an interest-free loan to which terms & conditions apply. These are outlined below, and the gallery owner can also explain the terms & conditions.

About Santander Consumer Finance

The Mondriaan Fund collaborates with Santander Consumer Finance to offer KunstKoop loans. Santander Consumer Finance is part of the Santander Group and is one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The company offers consumer credit services (personal loans, revolving credit and credit cards) and car loans through various channels.

If you have any questions regarding the KunstKoop, please see the Santander Consumer Finance website and check the frequently asked questions.

KunstKoop is a personal loan (non-revolving credit) from Santander Consumer Finance. Assessment and registration is conducted by the Dutch Credit Registration Office (BKR). You will receive the terms & conditions and standard information sheet automatically when you apply for the KunstKoop loan, and these are also available here. Galleries act as intermediaries for Santander. The Mondriaan Fund, galleries and Santander do not offer financial advice. You are responsible for determining whether your chosen financial product is suitable for your wishes, requirements and personal situation.