The KunstKoop of the Mondriaan Fund offers Dutch individuals the possibility to pay for the purchase of an artwork in monthly installments, without any interest. The aim of this service is to encourage private individuals to buy art and in this way to stimulate the Dutch art market in general. About 125 art galleries in the Netherlands cooperate with the KunstKoop, and therefore the use is widespread.

The KunstKoop can be used for artworks by living artists or designers, produced after 1945. The minimum loan is € 250 maximum loan is € 7.500, for freelancers this will be € 5.000. The loan can be payed via monthly installments.

The Mondriaan Fund is a publicly financed fund for visual art and cultural heritage. It supports innovative projects and activities by visual artists, art mediators and institutions to promote the production and presentation of relevant Dutch visual art and heritage in the Netherlands and abroad.

New collaboration partner
The Mondriaan Fund has found a new collaboration partner for the KunstKoop: Santander Consumer Finance Benelux.  Expected is that applications can be filed with Santander Consumer Finance Benelux from the beginning of May on.

100% art – 0% interest
For more information you can check the website of the KunstKoop www.kunstkoop.nl or contact Carmen Muskee (project and public relations officer): [+31 (0)20 523 1511].